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      1. Communist Workers Group – U.S.

        Recent Posts


          SAY NO TO WAR WITH IRAN! DOWN WITH THE SANCTIONS AND THE DE FACTO MUSLIM BAN! NO GUNBOAT DIPLOMACY! The U.S. sanctions and threat of war against Iran come at…
        • Brazil: Break with the PT and the Popular Front!

          The following is translated from our Brazilian comrades of the Grupo de Trabalhadores Revolucionários do Brasil (GTR-BR) In order to defeat Bolsonaro and fascism, the workers must break with the…

          MAYDAY MAYDAY MAYDAY? Workers of the World this is your Day, your planet, and if you want to keep it– it is your task to end for profit production and…
        • Free Assange and Manning! Expose the Imperialist Courts!

          The jailing of Manning and Assange for exposing the crimes against humanity committed by the U.S. imperialist war machine belies the professed pursuit of justice by the International Criminal Court…
        • Class Struggle is on the Rise! How Can Teachers Point the Way Forward?

          The U.S. has witnessed an upsurge of working class struggle lately, particularly through the teachers’ strikes in West Virginia, Oklahoma, Colorado, Kentucky, the charter school strikes Chicago and the Los…

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